100% Mulberry Silk Duvets


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  • 100% Mulberry Silk – the finest silk in the world.
  • Naturally breathable & hypoallergenic (ideal for allergy sufferers).
  • Excellent temperature regulation.
  • OEKO-TEX certified.
  • 10 Year Guarantee.
  • Free Delivery

Why Choose Mulberry Silk Duvets?
Mulberry silk is the finest silk in the world and with the duvet being filled with 100% mulberry silk, this is a high grade luxurious duvet. The outer casing is made from 400 Thread Count Egyptian cotton.

With the duvet being filled with 100% mulberry silk and the outer case being made from 400 Thread Count Egyptian cotton, this ensures that this is the most exquisite silk duvet. Not to mention that your duvet will last for an eternity.

Quality Assurance
The Luxury Bedding Company sources and supplies only the finest quality silk duvets. We do not compromise on quality.

How the Mulberry Silk Duvet is Made
Extra-long Mulberry silk fibres are hand woven into layers of webbing and are then secured delicately. The edging of the duvets are exquisitely piped and double stitched to add the finishing touches to a luxurious duvet.

Our Mulberry silk duvets are naturally breathable and hypo-allergenic. So if you suffer from eczema, or other sensitive skin conditions, this duvet is for you.

Mulberry silk duvets have a compact, high quality finish. The 400 Thread Count Egyptian cotton finish just adds to the quality of the duvet.

Mulberry silk duvets keep your body at a constant temperature as you sleep, giving you a good nights sleep.


Air your 100% Mulberry silk duvet outside 1-3 times a year. Do not wash or tumble-dry: Spot clean only.