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Caring For Your Duvet – Wash Instructions


Do Not Iron - Duvet Washing Care

How to Care for Your Duvet

To prolong the life of your duvet, you need to ensure you are washing and drying your duvet correctly. Your duvet only requires washing once every 1-2 years depending on the general usage. Your duvet does not need to be washed too often as the duvet cover helps to keep it clean and protected.

If you spill a small amount of liquid on your duvet all you need to do is get a clean cloth and put some soap and warm water on it. Then ring the cloth out a little, otherwise the cloth will be too wet and the duvet will take longer to dry. Once you have tried cleaning the area, leave the duvet flat to dry properly (if possible, hangout to dry on your washing line).

Sometimes your duvet will need a complete wash, so please follow these instructions: Continue reading “Caring For Your Duvet – Wash Instructions”

Classic Bedding Design Ideas


Here’s a few ideas for you on how to dress your bed and will look great any month of the year.

1) Think about your budget and stick to it – too often people pay more than they intend to get the exact look they

want. You want to feel good about your purchase(s), not guilty.

2) Once you’ve got your budget, take a look at some design ideas on different websites or even just search bedroom interiors and look at the images on a Search Engine. There’s plenty of wonderful ideas out there.

Here’s a¬†few ideas from our team to make your bedding look stunning:- Continue reading “Classic Bedding Design Ideas”